Be Your Own CURE exists to educate, motivate and inspire those affected by cancer on integrative, natural and holistic ways to help treat and prevent the disease. By focusing on a complete mind, body and spirit approach Be Your Own CURE will inform and begin to educate you of alternative tools and treatments being utilized all over the world to help you CURE yourself.

If knowledge truly is power, when diagnosed with cancer most Americans who visit traditional Western Medicine doctors are powerless. For the most part, Western medicine is very limited on what they can and can not suggest or recommend, they also have the tendency to be biased to only what they know, study and understand. When facing your mortality with a cancer diagnosis we believe everyone should know and be educated about on every possible option, whether it has been through a double blind study accompanied by a 3 phase multi-million dollar clinical trial or something that was utilized successfully by a local community. There should be no limit to knowledge and living in the Internet age, there is no longer a reason for anyone to be able to claim ignorance.

At BYOC we do not discount Western medicine and we find great value in many of their treatments as Western medicine saves endless lives every year, but there are many other more natural options which are being successfully utilized that everyone deserves to know about. At BYOC we want everyone to have every atom of knowledge in every possible therapy that has the potential to be their CURE.

Be Your Own Cure is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with the federal nonprofit identification number 47-1451654. All contributions are tax deductible under federal tax guidelines and federal law.


Through BeYourOwnCURE.org and our co-founder, Ryan Coffelt, we hope to educate, and increase awareness on the necessity of living a healthy and educated life to help reduce the risk of cancer and inspire those already afflicted.